Rubrik Cloud

Unifying data management across clouds

Cyber-proof your Azure, AWS, and GCP cloud application data with secure, access-controlled backups. Rubrik was built to leverage the flexibility and economics of public cloud from day one, focusing on protecting enterprise applications, searching across files and applications, and allowing you to quickly spin up test/dev instances in the cloud—all through a single control panel.

Security for your cloud journey

Whether you’ve fully committed to the cloud, you’ve got a mix of on-premises environments and cloud environments, or you’ve just migrated your first application to the cloud, you need to be assured that your data is protected. As your business moves to the cloud, attackers will be looking for vulnerabilities to compromise your data and applications.

Data protection to accelerate your cloud adoption

Rubrik’s solution to cloud data protection gives customers the ability to seamlessly manage and protect their data while accelerating their cloud adoption, simplifying archival, streamlining app migration, and unifying data protection across multi-cloud and hybrid migration. Paired with our managed service, our collaborative relationship enables us to bring a modern and scalable approach to protecting your data.

Why Rubrik Cloud?

Reduce Data Risk

Combat ransomware with immutable snapshots and encryption at rest and in transit. Achieve on-demand recovery to increase resilience and reduce downtime.

Cloud Archival

Send your structured and unstructured data to any low-cost cloud storage service like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud for long-term retention.

Data Replication

Deliver WAN-optimized replication any way you want—across heterogeneous cloud providers, different regions under the same cloud provider, or from cloud to on-premises.

Cloud-Native Protection

Protect your cloud-native applications across any cloud with a solution that’s 100% SaaS. Modernise backup and achieve rapid recovery at scale with API-based data protection.

Application Recovery

Spin up self-service apps or point-in-time copies of the cloud for test/dev without affecting production environments with CloudOn. Leverage flexible, on-demand instantiation for simple recovery in the event of an outage.

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