Rubrik for SaaS Protection

A trusted security solution you can rely on

During an attack, Microsoft security tools cannot guarantee backup recovery or data security. Microsoft and Rubrik collaborate to provide you with a comprehensive data protection solution. With comprehensive backups, Rubrik can enhance the recovery of ransomware for hundreds of users, while Microsoft offers perimeter defense, detection, and eDiscovery preservation.

How secure is your sensitive information?

Many organisations use Microsoft 365 to run business-critical processes, store secure information, and collaborate in the cloud, but they also face the same challenges when it comes to protecting this data. Is the data in these applications secure? Can you guarantee that you will always have access to this data? And how can you prevent downtime and reputational damage caused by internal and external threats?

Stay in control with a reliable data security solution

Our Rubrik service for Microsoft 365 protection allows customers to enjoy the multi-faceted work environment of Microsoft 365 while having the confidence that their environment is being protected with the Rubrik Zerto Trust Data Security platform. Our data protection and recovery specialists work endlessly to guarantee that our platforms are available and ready to assist customers with recovering their data, no matter the size or complexity. The adaptable service model we use allows customers to consume as they go and scale up and down in response to changes in their organisations.

Why Rubrik?


Keep attackers out with multi-factor authentication (MFA), which prevents access even if Microsoft 365 admin credentials are compromised.


Automated protection for your growing environment with an enterprise-scale solution. The Rubrik platform automatically discovers new teams, users, and sites.


Recover individual files or emails, shared mailboxes, or entire OneDrive folders in minutes or hours—not days.


Check the status of compliance, SLA audits, and recovery tasks. Export reports on demand or set up recurring delivery right to your inbox.


Easily find the data you need by searching for email subject lines or authors.

THE Rubrik Datasheet

Key Benefits

  • Up and running in hours
  • SaaS based – no hardware required
  • Data held offsite
  • Comprehensive ransomware recovery features
  • 24/7/365 protection and recovery support
  • Experienced data protection and recovery specialists
  • Confidence that your data is protected and can be recovered

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