Rubrik Ransomware Investigation

Data Recovery. Simplified.

Without a robust data protection and recovery strategy, a data breach can cost your business dearly in lost revenue, reputation, and productivity. We put Rubrik’s capabilities together with our team of protection and recovery experts to protect your business from ransomware attacks, keeping you agile and productive in the event of a breach.

Be ready when disaster strikes

Having to recover from a data breach costs businesses more than just money. Reputational damage can cause years of setbacks. The ability to restore data quickly is essential for organisations to overcome adversity. Early detection is key, but a robust plan is essential. To increase the speed of recovery, customers require valuable insights into their environments. These insights can be used to detect an event rapidly, assess the ‘blast radius’ of the affected data, and determine the criticality of that data.

A comprehensive approach to ransomware

When data loss is identified early, a reliable copy of the data is obtained, and the data is rapidly restored, the risk and expense of any data loss are greatly reduced. With Rubrik’s Ransomware Investigation product, you can detect deletions, modifications, and encryptions of ransomware attacks using machine learning. Having Rubrik’s capabilities coupled with our team of protection and recovery specialists gives you peace of mind that, in the event of a ransomware attack, you can respond quickly.

Why Rubrik Ransomware Investigation?


Accelerate recovery time by using Rubrik’s impact analysis to recover affected systems.


Identify anomalies and analyse backup data for unusual behaviour and changes caused by a ransomware attack.


Get a clear picture of which files and applications were affected using forensic analysis. Reduce the severity of infection by determining the strain used in the ransomware attack.


Quickly identify and locate which applications and files were impacted by ransomware.


Rubrik’s early ransomware detection monitors for encryption and analyses unusual access patterns using advanced ransomware detection techniques.

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