Druva for Server Protection

Helping companies preserve,
protect and restore tomorrow’s
information today.

Make your business scalable with Druva’s powerful backup and data protection platform. This all-in-one solution not only simplifies complex IT management, reducing cost and increasing improve data visibility, but provides a better customer experience while lowering operational risk.

Backing up your
business is our business

At Harbor, we know that your business is growing and evolving every day, and so are your needs. We also realise the many challenges managing IT assets, such as insufficient time and resources to manage and stay on top of backups, or evolving and ever-changing requirements. Moreover, in recent years there have been issues with the market—limited access to hardware or the high cost of hosting hardware.

In today’s business environment, IT teams are being asked to meet ever-increasing expectations such as discovering and recovering effectively from security incidents such as ransomware outbreaks. We believe it’s time to take the pressure off.

Data protection simplified

Utilising the Druva platform, we can offer comprehensive, SaaS based data resilience for businesses of any sizes that want reliable, flexible, and secure backup and recovery for their critical compute workloads. Coupled with our managed service, we help you stay on top of your protection, provide peace of mind, and enhance your internal teams
with expert data protection and recovery skills.

Why Druva?

Unified management of hybrid environments

Mitigate risks and increase resiliency against ransomware. Identify anomalous activity and recover faster from security attacks with deeper intelligence on threat behaviour and impact.

Centralised cloud backup and restore

Accelerating performance by consolidating global backups and simplifying disaster recovery, eDiscovery, search and compliance.

Patented source deduplication

Transmits only unique data blocks to the cloud optimising network utilisation and reducing storage costs.

Comply with data sovereignty

Customers can store data in multiple regions for compliance and data locality regulations.

Proactive compliance monitoring

Druva’s data indexing simplifies file search and restore, actively monitors and audits user activity, and creates violation reports for files, users and emails.

Secure cloud backup

Druva prevents the spread of ransomware, encrypts data in-flight and at rest, and alerts users when unusual file activity occurs.

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Key Benefits

  • Up and running in hours
  • SaaS based – no hardware required
  • Data held offsite
  • Flexible credit-based system, pay only for what you use
  • Comprehensive ransomware recovery features
  • 24/7/365 protection and recovery support
  • Experienced data protection and recovery specialists
  • Confidence that your data is protected and can be recovered

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