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It’s no secret that organisations are struggling with a lack of resources and skillsets when it comes to data protection. The time required to manage backup and disaster recovery technologies is high (and growing), but most IT staff are running on minimum resources and find it hard to keep up with support issues. Outsourcing your support services is a proven route to improving your efficiency, reducing your costs, and ensuring you aren’t losing valuable resources.

Is it time to outsource your support?

Many organisations are struggling with a lack of resources, limited skillsets, and financial restraints across their IT teams, putting them under serious pressure. Keeping up with support issues with backup or disaster recovery technologies can be time-consuming and prevent your team from focusing on more innovative projects that drive the business forward. Data protection, more than ever, is a complex strategy to get right. With hybrid environments and the need to be confident that you can be resilient to a cyberattack, could it be valuable to outsource support to a specialist data protection partner?

Faster, smarter, easier. Data protection made simple.

Our support services, delivered by an expert level of data protection specialists, are dedicated to relieving our customers’ stress. Our support services can be delivered as part of a wider solution or as a standalone support service for a particular technology you require outsourced help with. As a certified partner for many different data protection technologies, we can provide fast responses and an enhanced customer experience.

Get direct access to a team
of data protection specialists


With a team of data protection experts working with vendors every day, you can free up your team’s time to focus on other priorities.

Operational knowledge

Our teams have a wide range of operational knowledge across many data protection technologies, including Veritas NetBackup, Commvault, Rubrik, Druva and IBM Spectrum Protect.

Direct vendor support

Direct vendor support can often have a high cost associated with it; by using a third-party support provider, customers can typically see a cost saving.

Legacy backup

Support may be required for a legacy backup application where vendor support is difficult to obtain; we can provide this for you.


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